Honest Holly has been working as a relationship expert, agony aunt and psychic for many years. She is nearly seventy years of age and works as an advisor to people Worldwide full time. She uses the tarot cards, pendulum, crystal ball, angel cards and other methods to do her readings.

She can even advise you on how to become a well paid advice columnist or agony aunt yourself, with your own agony aunt business. You can do as she does and take on individual clients who hire you to advise them about their problems. Or get help with getting a well paid job working for a website, newspaper or magazine.

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Honest Holly is very interested in people and has a caring and empathic nature. Here are just some of her many testimonials gathered over the years.

She has been published – as an agony aunt – by the national newspaper The Daily Mirror and praised by other newspapers for her honest and helpful advice.

What you told me about myself was so, so true, you hit the nail on the head so accurately. This was my first time of coming to you Holly and am so pleased I did. God bless you for all of the good work you do helping people like me. You are a powerful psychic.


California, USA

Great stuff. Will return.


Adelaide, Australia

Was very hesitant at first. Lots of friends had advised me about my husband and nobody really understood. I was totally heartbroken over what he had done to me, how he had let me down and broken his promises and most would just shrug their shoulders and suggest “we talk”. We had already talked and talked for hours and hours, going around in endless circles, a waste of time and exhausting. Whatever we said could not change what he had done or how I could not trust him now. The psychic advice you gave me was so much more focused and got to the point. It meant I felt so much better much quicker, and felt more in control.


Toronto, Canada

This is the first time I have paid for advice on my love life. It felt odd and made me feel like a total loser that I had to pay someone to help me! Once I received your reply I got over that. You told me what to do and everything you said made perfect sense to me. Thank you so much.


Dundee, Scotland

Perhaps there are people out there who do not need this type of help, dunno, but I for one needed it now and maybe will again. Ta.


London, England

What you told me about my girlfriend was so spot on it left me flabbergasted! She is as said, mesmerising but selfish. Never known a woman like her, She intoxicates me and drives me mad. I took her out for a meal to break the news to her, very gentle, like you said to me in your email. You were right, her pride was hurt and she cried about it, but she saw the sense in it. We will still be in touch and maybe meet up later on in future when all this has died down and been sorted out Holly. Your help with this is appreciated, tres bien, and au revoir.


Paris, France

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