Is a Psychic Reading Necessary?

Many believe that they need to consult someone for a psychic reading whenever they are concerned about their future, wanting to know more about something or someone or wanting to make a big decision. But are there better alternatives out there? There are alternatives. You do not need to consult a tarot card reader, crystal ball gazer, astrologer, palmist, clairvoyant, psychic or medium at every turn. Possible alternatives include a counsellor, therapist, agony aunt, such as Honest Holly, a minister, marriage guidance counsellor or life coach. Whether any of these would seem as good or better only you will know, according to what is going on and whatever it is you want outside help with.

Sometimes people think it is important to find the cheapest option and only go to someone who is offering to help them for free. In which case your options are far more limited. But remember that if you consult a minister or a counsellor someone is paying their wages, you may not be paying them directly but they are getting a living wage through the work they do. Psychics, clairvoyants and tarot card readers are not paid through an insurance policy, medical service or church, they are paid directly by each client they see and there are many part time amateur psychics out there who may be willing to give you free consultations but only if they are doing it as a hobby and earn a living wage some other way. The downsides to this are that they are not doing it all day every day so do not get much practice and are not that experienced, they are also a lot less available and may make you wait a lot longer to get their help, because most of their working hours are devoted to the job that pays their bills.

Each expert you go to will have their pros and cons. The minister may see things in a very strict and moral way, because ministers are by their nature going to see things differently to the non religious person. You must also bear in mind that a therapist or counsellor will be telling you to work at seeing things differently or changing yourself, expecting you to put time and work into making yourself happier, they will also expect you to be patient and understand that you must consult them often and regularly before anything gets better. This may not be suitable if you are facing a different type of challenge or it is urgent.

Some believe it is essential to get a psychic reading regularly simply so that they have an idea of how their future will be. This is fine so long as you do not go to them too often or expect them to foretell what your decisions will be. I often get clients asking me to tell them who they will marry, it is a silly question because they and only they can decide who. The psychic can help them decide if it is a good idea, but the client may go against what the psychic advises and marry a totally unsuitable person despite being warned not to. Think long and hard about who you should marry and choose carefully rather than asking someone else to predict this. Ask the psychic for advice if you are unsure.

Never rely on anyone – whether a clairvoyant, medium, astrologer, tarot card reader, counsellor, therapist or minister to make all of your decisions for you or listen to all of your worries or problems. You should be the only person who makes your decisions. Turn to the best person at the time if you need help but do your best to deal with things along. This makes you a stronger, more capable and wiser person.

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